New York Governor Cuomo Vetoes Bill To Provide Legal Aid To The Poor – The Ring Of Fire

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took a confusing step on New Year’s Eve, when he vetoed legislation that would have provided legal aid to poor people in the state of New York. Cuomo claims it was due to budget concerns, but the end result is that he’s denying citizens their basic Constitutional rights. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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  1. Yeah with the property tax here in Albany County. No wonder why there is so many homeless people.. To set and take 64,000 up front from a single mother raising 2 autistic children knowing the children is barely supported by their father is a down right shame.. I truly hope you people sleep well. I almost died in an automobile accident to get what I had that you felt the need to take it all in one setting without trying to make it where it was easy by portioning it out.

  2. Well said. As a former legal aid lawyer said, we shouldn't be surprised because "Cuomo is as crooked as a dog's hind leg." The problem is that neither party cares about the difference between vulture capitalism, which cares for no one, and politics.

  3. no legal aid for the poor…great plan! that means more money for jails and prisons! which he's obviously going to need…what a spectacular plan! oh…wait…if they just gave them legal aid in the first place they might not need all those extra cells…and paper work…and medical costs for the state taking care of all those inmates. guard salaries, hazard pay, lawsuits from inhumane conditions that are sure to crop up.

    why does this guy (coumo) make me think of a new york version of rick perry?

  4. Cuomo is PT republican. HIs pig attitude toward work to chastise/protest Israel over Palestine shows he is another GOP lite who needs purged. The US is going to hell, the poor are pummeled and the GOP plan is to jail them all

  5. Mario is rolling over in his grave. Remember – Andy is the one who made freedom of speech illegal in NY, by banning the BDS movement. My recommendation – since the poor will not be funded for legal representation, the only solution is to neither arrest nor charge the poor, you know….the same way Wall St. banksters are treated.

  6. I'm pretty sure Cousins is purposely confusing guaranteed legal counsel for criminal matters with civil matters. I hate it when my progressive news reporters and journalists are disingenuous. If I see this a couple of times, I'll unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

  7. The New Yorkers should force this asshole to resign. Not many people out there are immune to poverty. One wrong move, a business mistake, a political change, a serious medical emergency and you could be there too. Everyone needs legal representation, including the very poor, the homeless, and the mentally ill.

  8. Class warfare. America can't afford to help the poor, in the wealthiest nation that the planet has ever known.
    Poverty is a crime in America, those people should be in jail not being paid for their labor helping wealthy people get wealthier.
    Fuck that.

  9. Elites in the Democratic Party like Cuomo do not give one shit about average citizens. They only pretend to be the party of "the people" while enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else. If you support Democrats, you are what they would call a "useful idiot".

  10. It sounds like you are putting a spin on what Cuomo did. Cuomo said The Legislature framed this bill as 'indigent defense' bill. It is not. This bill is nothing more than a backdoor attempt to shift costs from the counties to the state taxpayers under the guise of indigent defense."

  11. This is why the Democrats lost : the middle class on down is on their own, and the party that claims to be the party of the "common man"is a bunch of wimps and sellouts, and the people know it, explaining their anger and voting in a rage for people like trump, and the rest of them, who will screw the people who voted for them.

  12. Cuomo will never amount to what his father was. Cuomo is not a democrat, in New York we are fucked we need a two round system so we can have an actual democrat in office.

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