ten+ Moments Puppies Tried out To Bend Human Regulations, And It Was Hilariously Lovable

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  1. I think it is cruel to not let the dog Inside! All the owners should think "what if i was a dog." Same thing when dogs are not allowed on a couch or room.There part on the family!Not something that is just there!

  2. I like my dogs in my bed, in my room, on all of my couches, in my bathroom, under my blankies, outside, inside, in a box, with a fox, in my house, here or there, anywhere. Sam I ams.

    Some of you are wicked. If you are worried about them ruining your house/furniture please leave them for the rest of us who aren't!!

    So nice to see so many wonderful humans who agree!!!!

  3. can people stop getting annoyed at the owners for not letting their dogs on certain furniture or certain rooms. For example the dogs who aren't allowed in the kitchen, owners do all these things for reasons not just to be bossy and mean. But in no circumstances do I agree with owners making their dogs live outside. I let my dog go where everywhere he want's but in some circumstances that may not be a good option, such as not letting dogs go on couches because they're to big, or they destroy the couches. I'm not in anyway saying I find it okay to boss your dog around but before judging find out why it is actually happening.

  4. why do they make so much rules for their dog. I mean i understand the no sofa rule but no getting in the kitchen or stay downstairs and no begging for food like bruh thats what makes a dog funny and precious that is like telling your own child no getting on the sofa or no coming in the kitchen

  5. This reminds me of our first dog, Molly. She wasn't allowed in the kitchen while we were eating, so she would lay in the living room with just the tip of her tail over the line between the two carpets. It's hard to correct a dog when you're desperately trying not to laugh.

  6. my dog and cats have the run of the house and yard, they can go in any room, sit on any furniture, sleep on any bed…they're family, not just an object to have since society dictates a house is not a home without a dog or cat companion…children are absolutely NOT welcome in my home or yard though!

  7. not allowed to look at you eat???????? retard much????so many really stupid restraints…what is a few dog hairs compared to the happiness you both feel when you cuddle on the couch…

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