Wild Dogs vs Cheetah Standoff Over a Get rid of

Grant Fendick (38-yr-outdated Small business Operator), was driving along Black Rhino Concession in the Pilanesberg final month when he came throughout a magnificent as soon as in a lifetime sighting.

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Grant shared the video clip with LatestSightings.com and instructed us more about his come across: “We had come throughout three cheetah brothers that had just killed a wildebeest. We had been taking pleasure in this unbelievable sighting due to the fact cheetahs are an incredibly scarce sighting in the Pilanesberg. We discovered how the cheetahs appeared really skittish and nervous, they had naturally sensed anything was out of place.

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Then we excitedly caught a glimpse of an approaching pack of wild dogs. They started off to approach from the suitable-hand aspect, we couldn’t think it. The dogs had discovered the three cheetahs on the get rid of and knew that this was an easy opportunity to get a free of charge food. The wild dogs started off to intimidate the cheetahs and, immediately after a whilst properly chased the cheetahs away and completed off the get rid of in their seemingly brutal way.

It was unbelievable to witness this kind of an celebration. The electricity of the wild dogs taunting the cheetahs and the noises that the dogs had been producing had been so overpowering and haunting, every little thing was backbone chilling.
We had been so blessed to be at this sighting. It was lifetime altering. It had taken us 15 decades to see the wild dogs in Pilanesberg.

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  1. This is some amazing footage. Just when you think you've seen it all on @Krueger Sightings along comes something like this to take the cake. Thank you so much for uploiading, I never get tired of the many wonders this channell treats us with.

  2. Cheetahs could smoke a dog, but a bite on the leg could cause an infection and the cheetah can't hunt and would die. Cheetahs don't like to risk injury.

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