Brinks Taken Over

For those of you that haven’t heard the news yet, Brinks Home Security has been taken over by none other than ADT. Both very popular home security companies and household names, there is a huge difference between the level of service Brinks offered prior to acquisition and the kind of service ADT provides post acquisition.

Unfortunately ADT was unable to uphold Brinks’ reputation for impeccable customer service. As a result, they lost customers to other more customer-centered home security companies such as Armorax

Armorax Home Security is a DIY home security company and is known for it’s excellent customer support. Many people have only great things to say about the company. They use 2GIG equipment and it’s so much more reliable than what some other ‘cheaper’ companies are using out there. It’s totally wireless, cellular and portable. It isn’t landline or internet connection dependent and also comes with a 24 hour backup battery.

Even though the system is self-install, it’s really easy to set up and takes no longer than 30 minutes to install. The control panel is plug and play and the sensors are peel and stick so there’s no drilling holes in the wall. The basic Blackbox package comes with the latest 2GIG GC3 control panel, 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, yard sign and window decals. You’re free to customize your Blackbox by adding other security and home automation devices – the system is really expandable (control panel is Z-Wave compatible).

If you realize that the Blackbox isn’t for you, there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee and Armorax will even pay for return shipping!

Learn more here:

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Web Marketing Solutions – 3 Strategies For Drive Visitors To Your Site

I am a successful online retailer with sky rocketing profits rrncluding a great business to back me up through my Internet Continue to keep. I was just an ordinary person who was simply looking regarding any part time income to supplement my meager salary. It was Worldwide Brands which pushed my career initially. Now rather than boasting about myself, why don’t we get down to business and here is my story that made the massive. Though initially I was dubious about all of the tall claims that Worldwide Brands were making, I have done take one step and became a member.

Alternatively, look for a community site and begin playing around by form your own social network where one can add friends to your social group, be interested in group discussions, and provide comment on topics that you are aware. Forums are a recognised social presence on the online world and absolutely are a common web 2 . 0.0 technology.

So, where do begin? You’ll have the greatest success nearly time to accomplish an assessment of business objectives; precisely do you need to accomplish with social web marketing? Then, it’s time for a brainstorming session; compile an index of thoughts, available options, etcetera. Next, develop a plan of action and apply it to occupation. Lastly, it’s important to track your results, or you may know whether your plan is working.

Once you have your videos ready don’t forget to submit the as many slide show and video content sharing sites as you can, again leaving an anchor text backlink for your personal site from within the description of your uploaded training. Remember it’s the backlinks which will increase web traffic.

Spend whilst crafting a hooky title for your gift. The title precisely what is in order to catch their eye and encourage these types of read more about what you’re offering free gratis.

Don’t get frustrated as soon as your article gets rejected. I view because a good sign when an Travel refuses your submission. If a person is actually taking period to read your material, it means they like their website product. A person have edit your material, as it gets accepted, it means more.

Sweepstakes – Companies offer these as a promotion of services or product with chances to win numerous honors. The entries range from daily, instant, or singular only. On many sites that compile a subscriber list of sweeps they possess a way search for sweeps that offer gift cards as honors. You can find these at sweeps advantage or sweeps currently.

Get into social networking you will find some good articles on the internet that will teach you alot!. Coach you on generate more trust between you and your prospects(THIS IS GOOD), which means that will create more leads for your MLM. There it is, 3 quick in generating traffic to your MLM page/Blog.

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Goodbye Brinks

With Brinks no longer around, where should people look to for their home security needs? Before we get into that, let me give you a brief overview on what happened to Brinks. Brinks Home Security, a home security company known for it’s amazing customer service, has been taken over by another home security giant, ADT. However, ADT’s services are not comparable to what Brinks once provided.

As an old company that’s been in the market for quite some time now, ADT is slow to catch up to market trends. In fact, there are now many savvier home security providers out there that not only provide a more advance security system but also better service. There have been many customer complaints launched against ADT.

Do-it-yourself home security companies are increasingly becoming popular as people are becoming more and more self-reliant and independent. ADT offers professional installation and that comes with not only activation costs but also the hassle of having to wait around nearly half the day for a technician to come and set up the system.

Armorax is a DIY home security company and their security package is called the Blackbox. The Blackbox has been designed to be user-friendly and the installation process is rather simple – takes roughly 20 minutes. For basic setup, all that’s required for you to do is to remove the control panel from the box and plug it in. Then, stick the door or window sensors and the motion sensor using the double-sided mounting tape provided. The Blackbox also comes with a stand for the control panel so there’s no need to mount it up on the wall (but you can if you want to, they also send screws).

The system is 100% wireless and cellular. It’s portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. The system also comes with a 24 hour backup battery which serves as backup in case of a power outage. It is also Z-Wave compatible and therefore expandable. Armorax has professional as well as self-monitoring services. They also offer video monitoring and home automation. They have both contract as well as no contract options.

Armorax has many things to offer and the possibilities are endless. They’re worth looking into it. Check them out on

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Calling on Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security was a renowned home security company of its time. However if you’re looking to get a Brinks home security system, tough. You won’t find one anymore, reason being Brinks Home Security has been taken over by ADT Home Security. But you’ll still find Brinks armored trucks on the road so it’s not like they’ve completely vanished.

ADT has not done a good job upholding Brinks’ good reputation. In fact, a lot of customers complain about the bad customer service they’ve received ever since the acquisition. Brinks’ customers were also acquired by ADT but they lost a good many customers to other home security companies.

Armorax is now storming the DIY home security industry with tempting offers that are hard to turn down. They’re the first ones to offer the latest 2GIG GC3 control panel that was only released a few months ago absolutely free! For those not fond of commitment, Armorax also has no contract options.

Through it’s partnership with, Armorax is able to offer you the most amount of self-monitoring features to control your security system and home appliances for home automation purposes. Armorax also offers video monitoring – indoor and outdoor.

The GC3 control panel is wireless and cellular so it’s not dependent on a phone line or internet connection. It also comes with a 24 hour backup battery so it will work in case of a power outage. Armorax has really simplified the installation process and that is why all sensors in the Blackbox come pre-programmed.

For more information on plans and pricing, visit them on!

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Years ago we didn’t have as many choices when it came to choosing a home security provider as we do today. In fact, I can only think of one major player in the market at the time and that was Brinks Home Security. Brinks was known for it’s legendary customer service and even today I’m sure that a lot of people (like me) search for Brinks Home Security not knowing that they’ve been acquired by ADT.

That’s right. Brinks Home Security now runs under the name of ADT. Not a fan of ADT? I don’t blame you! ADT hasn’t done much to keep up with what newer home security companies today are offering. In fact, I think they’re still just cashing in on their name and old reputation for having been around a long time. However, many people that have been ADT customers may agree that they are expensive and do not have the best customer service. Rather their customer service is quite troublesome so you better hope your system keeps running smoothly if you’re an ADT customer!

So if not Brinks/ADT then who? The answer is simple. Armorax. Armorax may be new to the game but they’re certainly not behind the others. In fact, they’re one step ahead. Their customer service is unmatched and to top that, they offer 24 hour customer service! They’re also the first in the industry to offer the latest GC3 control panel by 2GIG absolutely free with their Blackbox package. This is because they don’t believe in selling their customers equipment that will go obsolete in a few years.

Armorax’s Blackbox package is a really easy setup. The control panel is totally wireless and cellular and it’s plug and play. The sensors come with double-sided mounting tape and the control panel comes with a desktop stand so you don’t need to drill holes in the wall. They system is also portable so you can take it with you if you ever move. Their monitoring plans are pretty reasonable and come loaded with features.

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The Best Home Security System

When people used to think ‘best home security company,’ they always thought of Brinks Home Security. At least that used to be the case. What a lot of people have yet to discover is that Brinks Home Security no longer is. Brinks now operates under ADT and not a lot of people are too happy about that. Brinks was great and at that time there was not much competition in the market. But the fact is that the home security scene has changed quite a bit since then and now there are many contenders in the market.

Brinks was people’s number one choice as their home security provider but with Brinks no longer around, Armorax needs to be on your home security radar.

Armorax is an affordable home security provider. Being affordable doesn’t mean they skimp on equipment quality. Armorax’s security package is called the Blackbox and it consists of 2GIG equipment. 2GIG is a renowned manufacturer of security products. The system is user-friendly (plug & play), wireless, cellular and even comes with a 24 hour backup battery. It’s not dependent on a phone line or internet connection and is portable. There are no activation or relocation fees.

Just like Brinks, Armorax is known to have great customer service. In fact their customer support hours are 24/7! There is always a live agent available online via chat so rest assured that you’ll get instant responses to all your queries.

To learn about Armorax’s self- and professional monitoring plans, visit them on They have a 30 day money-back guarantee and they’ll even pay for return shipping if you don’t love the Blackbox!

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WatchOS 3 is an admission that
Apple’s first attempt was all wrong

WatchOS 3 is an admission that
Apple’s first attempt was all wrong

Apple’s new Watch software, watchOS 3, isn’t just new software, it’s an admission that Apple had it all wrong when it came to interactions on the first-generation Apple Watch. It’s less of a revamp and more of a rescue of the Watch, an attempt to deconstruct the old software and to focus on the stuff that people actually care about.

It’s a rare thing for Apple to admit that it was wrong on something product-related, even subtly. But that’s what it did onstage yesterday during the company’s annual developer’s conference: Kevin Lynch, a vice president of technology at Apple, actually used the previous version of Apple Watch software as a benchmark for how fast the new software is. Collectively, the crowd of 6,000 watched while Lynch opened a third-party soccer app on an Apple Watch running last year’s watchOS 2 software; the app took nearly seven seconds to load.

The next attempt, on an Apple Watch running the new software, was a don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moment. The message was clear, and if it wasn’t, Apple bullet-pointed it for us: both native apps and third-party apps will load much faster on watchOS 3, since favorite apps will be kept on the device’s memory. But Apple first had to admit that the current software has been painfully slow. (So slow, in fact, that it once inspired The Verge‘s Nilay Patel to write an essay about life being too short for slow computers.)

The new software, which doesn’t fully launch until the fall, includes a bunch of new features and functions that are at once super obvious and incredibly thoughtful. Apple Pay will work in third-party apps, such as Lyft, on the Watch. There’s an SOS function, for making emergency calls. There will be shorter shortcuts to text message responses, and a new scribble-to-text function — which is not new, but new to Apple.

Other changes were around health and fitness, since that’s one of the most popular use cases for the Watch. There will be a watch face made up entirely of Apple’s colorful activity-tracking rings, and another that offers a shortcut to the Workout app. People can share their activity data with other Watch wearers, so there’s finally a social component. And the Watch will soon track activity levels for wheelchair users. “Time to stand!” becomes “Time to roll!”

But the bigger changes are around the user interface. (This is where Apple really tried to reinvent the wheel with the Watch’s original interface, when the wheel was probably just fine.) Rather than having to press firmly on the watch face to change faces, you can now just swipe, edge to edge, to change a watch face. Apple is ditching the idea of app “glances” on the Watch in favor of something more familiar to iPhone users: an app dock, accessible by pressing the physical side button. Press the button, swipe through recent apps, and launch and interact with them from there. And now, when you swipe up from the bottom of the Watch’s face, you’ll see a mini control center — something, again, that is familiar to iPhone users.


Based on what was shown in the demo, it looks… simpler. In this case, “shallow” has a positive connotation: it’s a smartwatch that requires fewer swipes and taps and less wait time just to get an app going. Why wasn’t it like this before? I do not know.

Maybe even more interestingly, the Watch’s Digital Crown was only briefly mentioned during yesterday’s demo of watchOS 3, when Apple said developers will be able to build apps that use it. So: “glances” are gone, and the Digital Crown wasn’t showcased as a primary method of interaction. Even voice control took a backseat, although it was shown in still photos. What this all says to me is that Apple is no longer trying to totally change the paradigm of user-computer interaction with the Apple Watch. If anything, it’s stripping it down to something more familiar.

When the company announced the iPod, the brand-new click wheel came along with it. When it announced the iPhone, multi-touch touchscreens changed our interactions. And at the time it announced the Watch, the Digital Crown was front and center, as a new way to navigate menu options or a cluster of apps on a tiny display. Turns out that touch works pretty okay after all — provided that the user interface is designed well.

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